Jeffree Star Cometics al CosmoProf



Chi è Jeffree Star

Personaggio poliedrico e talentuoso al punto di essere,a soli 31 anni , musicista, stilista, modello , cantante , cantautore , MUA ed ideatore di una linea cosmetica che porta il suo nome!!

È tra le più famose internet celebrity; ha raggiunto la sua popolarità principalmente tramite Myspace. Si soprannomina Queen of the Internet, Cunt o Queen of the Beautifuls.

Per rendervi conto del personaggio vi invito a leggere cosa J. racconta di sé:

My name is Jeffree Star. I discovered makeup at the age of 13 and have been obsessed with it ever since. I used to copy looks from fashion ad’s in my mother’s Cosmopolitan magazine’s and steal her eye shadows. When I graduated high school, I moved from Orange County, California to an hour north to Los Angeles. I worked at makeup counters, freelanced and worked on many celebrities, music videos, fashion editorials and weddings. Now I teach makeup classes around the world and share my secrets that I’ve learned through 10 years of experience. Playing with cosmetics is my favorite thing to do and I started to create my own formulas years ago but only wear them on myself & put them on my best friends. My goal is to create products that do exactly what they say and that actually last!

I hope you all enjoy the pink blood, sweat and tears that go into every product I make! My brand is for anyone who’s fearless enough to be their own person. Let’s inspire each other to stay true to who we are and have fun doing it. It’s been a dream of mine since I discovered my first lipstick, to create and own my very own brand.

So many of you have asked what’s next! I love lips, so I wanted to make the most light weight liquid-to-matte lipstick on the market! I’m already creating new colors that will be out shortly!! Also, regular lipsticks, lip scrubs and eyeshadow palettes are being developed next!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics al CosmoProf


Jeffrey Star sarà una delle assolute novità al Cosmoprof ; lo troverete al padiglione 30 stand C26-D27D.

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